Orphic Poster

A young boy's search for more excitement in his life comes to a grinding halt when an exiled magician accidentally sends him to a new world filled with magic.

In October 2012 the Visual Monkies entered the "Pitch, Win, Fly" competition at QPIX. The competition revolved around pitching an idea for anything (feature film, TV series etc) of any genre to a panel of producers who would assess your idea, pick a winner and send that person to SPAA, to pitch in front of a room full of producers that could make your project happen. This was a great experience for us and even though (spoiler alert) we didn't win, we learned many valuable things in the process.

We decided to pitch a kids TV series that we've had on the boil for a long time. "Orphic" is a 3D animated series for children 6-9. It tells the story of Max, an outcast from his family and friends, whose encounter with Ferdinand Thernadier, a bumbling but brilliant magician, changes his life forever.

A poster was one of the things we knew that we needed to have prepared for this pitch so that we could communicate visually what the feel of the show would be. But how do you condense a series about magicians, an ever changing parallel world and the limitlessness of a child's imagination into one image? Well, this is what we came up with.

The poster features Max, the central character of the piece exploding, as if by magic, through a doorway into a trans-dimensional space between worlds, where his eyes light up at the endless possibilities. He's also dragged with him a colourful array of animal characters, including an elephant, a rabbit and a dove. If you look closely you can see Ferdinand clinging on to the base of the magic wand that Max is riding, showing how he is desperately trying to keep Max's imagination under control.

You'll probably hear more about this series in the coming months, so keep your eyes peeled.

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