There's always a bigger fish

"There's always a bigger fish."
- Qui-Gon Jin

Over the last few months the Visual Monkies have been eagerly working away on a secret project. Juggling it with our phantom limbs and somehow squeezing it in amongst our commissioned work. It gives me great joy to officially announce "Bigger Fish" our first official 3D short film. Whilst I can't reveal too many plot details at this point, we've decided to start this blog to document the process of making the film (and to talk in more detail about some of our more creative works).

"Bigger Fish" revolves around a starving orphan boy who goes fishing in the woods, with unexpected results. We wanted to give the boy a scruffy unkempt feel, like he has been wandering through the woods for days. His clothes are a little too big, his shirt is torn around the edges and he carries with him a simple fishing rod to catch food. We originally planned for this film to be a short and simple 2D cut-out film, but quickly realised how much more visually appealing it would be in 3D.

We are currently buried neck deep in pre-production, creating what seems like thousands of minute expressions for our character models. I can't wait to show you more images and footage as we move forward, so check back over the coming months to see how the film is progressing. You can also check out our Twitter and Facebook pages for more sneaky previews and updates from the creative team.

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